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Regular version of the site
Public-Private Partnerships as Collaborative Projects: testing the theory on cases from EU and Russia

Vinogradov D., Shadrina E. V.

International Journal of Public Administration. 2018. Vol. 41. P. 446-459.

Book chapter
Bagging Prediction for Censored Data: Application for Theatre Demand

Ozhegov E. M., Ozhegova A.

In bk.: Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts. 6th International Conference, 2017, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Revised Selected Papers. Vol. 10716. Cham: Springer, 2018. Ch. 18. P. 197-209.

Working paper
Which Banks Smooth and at What Price?

Vinogradov D., Kokas S., Zachariadis M.

Working Paper 01-2018. Working Paper 01-2018. University of Cyprus, 2018. No. 01.

About the School

The School of Economics and Finance was established in 2014 through a merger of the Departments of Economics Theory, Accounting and Auditing, Economic Modelling, and Financial Management. The School is headed by Elena Shakina.

The aim of the School is to create and develop a community of academics and professional practitioners from the fields of theoretical and applied economics, corporate finance and financial markets.

The School of Economics and Finance continuously seeks to:

  • contribute highly qualified teachers and academics to HSE’s educational programmes
  • increase the international recruitment of outstanding researchers in order to support overall academic objectives
  • conduct research and increase the number of publications in the most respected international journals in various fields
  • increase collaboration and dialogue with other academic areas, businesses and organizations by providing expert analysis and consulting

The School brings together more than 50 academics and other experts who teach a wide range of subjects. The School supports research in applied economics and empirical corporate finance using fundamentals of economic theory and modern quantitative methods such as mathematics, statistics, and econometrics.

The recruitment policy of the School requires hiring highly qualified academics internationally and focuses on both talented PhD students and experts from the business community. The School currently has two associate professors who obtained their PhDs at U.S. universities – Professor Mirzobobo Yormirzoev and Professor Alexandr Vachshilko.

Each year, one or two PhD students from the School defends a thesis under the direction of experts (Dmitri Timofeev from Custom Capital Company and Irina Orlova from TransCapitalBank) who have unique professional experience.

Members of the School participate in numerous committees and working groups created by both governmental bodies and international organizations in order to develop strategic documents, policy papers and regulation initiatives.

The School holds primary responsibility for the Bachelor’s programmes in Economics and the Master’s of Science in Finance. The School’s strategy encourages its members to be involved in the global academic community by publishing in frequently cited peer-reviewed journals, teaching courses in English, and collaborating with international colleagues.

Despite the School’s strong academic focus, students have the opportunity to concentrate on applied professional development. Over the past two years, a joint project between HSE and Sberbank Russia has been established, which allows students to develop their skills under the direction of Sberbank leaders who teach numerous subjects while taking part in other activities at the School.    

Most members of the School are involved in two research groups – the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy and the Research Group for Applied markets and Enterprises Studies – which are supervised by leading international researchers Angel Barajas (University if Vigo, Spain), Felix L.Itturiaga (University of Valyadolid, Spain), Dennis Coates (University of Maryland, USA), Carlos Jardon (University of Vigo, Spain), and Grigoriy Kosenok (NES, Russia).

The School is focused on expanding its network through cooperation with widely respected international universities, research centres and international organizations, including the University of Essex, University of Vigo, University of Evri, New Economic School, AREOPA Group. The School also works with several local, national and transnational corporations and organizations, such as EKS Group, KPMG, PWC, Lukoil, Kamskaya Dolina, and Sberbank.